Arsen Semionov – VoIP engineer. Kamailio consultant.

Kamailio® (former OpenSER) is an Open Source SIP Server, which able to handle thousands of call setups per second. Kamailio can be used to build large platforms for VoIP and realtime communications – presence, WebRTC, Instant messaging and other applications. Moreover, it can be easily used for scaling up SIP-to-PSTN gateways, PBX systems or media servers like Asterisk™, FreeSWITCH™ or SEMS.

Professional Kamailio Consulting

I provide Kamailio consultant services through Eurolan Solutions. Or as an independent contractor through Upwork. As a professional Kamailio Consultant, I first work to completely understand your entire business process. Then, I do my best to make the process more efficient and productive.


Almost one decade I work as a VoIP engineer as a guarantee for perfect quality and extensive experience in the field. I value my customer’s time as well as mine, so I provide every customer with expert knowledge and quality consultation services. I can provide you with design, implementation, troubleshooting and support including emergency support.


From Call Centers to ITSP and wholesale VoIP providers. I can desing and implement large scale communication platform or create a simple IVR for your business. My experience with Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio, and relates VoIP application will provide you the quality solution in time.

Expert consultant services with guarantee response time. 24/7/365 support.